2016 Submissions


2015 Submissions

Vertical Seafood Taco Ambient Song

2014 Submissions

ORACLE Industrial Song
OMNI - Run Drum N Bass Song
Omnivore - Drowning Dubstep Song
Omni - Mysterious Mare Do Well Dubstep Song
Forever Asleep - FiM ~FNG~ Dubstep Song
FlutterShine - FiM Mix ~FNG~ Drum N Bass Song
Warp Sp3ed {wip} Trance Loop
Defy Logic ~FNG 2.0~ Trance Song
Blade to Kill ~FNG~ Dubstep Song
Alternate Dimensions ~FNG~ Trance Song
Glide (AVAT Theme) ~FNG~ Trance Song
Tempest ~FNG~ (WIP) Dubstep Song
D&B Com. Submission Drum N Bass Loop
FNG's Trance Collab MixDown P1 Trance Song
Fiery Vengeance ~FNG~ Trance Song
Katistropical ~FNG~ Trance Song
Tera-Born~FNG~ Trance Song
Cosmic Mirrors ~FNG~ Trance Song
Take Him Down ~FNG~ Drum N Bass Song
Battle of the Great Hall Trance Song
MileHighMelody Trance Song
Seventh Stone Trance Song
Soul Surfer Trance Song
Future Retro Cover Classic Rock Song
Flying Through the Eclipse Trance Song
Glass of The Tempora(Extended) Trance Song
Glass of The Tempora Trance Song
Walk Through a Lightyear Techno Song
Blue Cosmos Drum N Bass Song