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caught me way off guard hearing parallax dreams in here! cute premise too :)

Big-Bad-Bombus responds:

Yeah man! I just popped into the audio portal real quick and saw your tune. Thought it went great with the feel and when I saw that the rights were free for web toons I was hyped to use it! Keep jammin, and I'm glad you liked the animation.

Yay Ponies!

Nice one, this really did make me laugh.

Pros: The animation is superb, voice acting stuck up pretty realisticly, all that good stuff. It was quite funny watching grown men fight over toys, which I totally don't blame them for. A mans gotta do what a mans gotta do, and thats to eat, sleep, and watch MLP; FiM.

Cons: The lack of sound effects, for one, that kick to the face should've had a good one. The music was a bit bland, and it sounded like a midi piano instead of a regular one. And lastly, HOW could he say that FLUTTERSHY isn't the cute one. I mean, have you seen the way she speaks? So adorable.

Overall: Being a brony myself, I wouldn't mind ordering merchandise from the internet, and I'm not over 25, I'm 14. Eitherway, I laughed, it was funny, good animation, good job, yay.

Spazkid responds:

thanks for the critique! and yeah didnt put to much sound effect. I'm pretty bad at compiling audio but I probably should of. at first it was just gonna be like only bad music playing but then it became much more...

Very Heroic!

I gotta admit, you guys really out-did yourselves for this!

Pros: Where do I start. The Epic music, Clear animation, quality audio, superb voice acting, turning the humorous NG fad into something epic, Wow. The Lock Legion is one of those forces that will always prevail over Clocks. You just can't master this sort of patience these guys have been through. Stamper really caught me by suprise at the end.

Cons: Some of the dialouge sounded a bit off mood, not suiting the music. And when BruteBoy leaps at DarkClock, there really wasn't any emphasis or sound to make it more dramatic.

Overall: Wow guys, good job. Thats all I have to say.

MagicWandLock responds:

Thank you for your constructive criticism. :)

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Its very well done...

However, too much work was put on unneeded entities.

Pros: Ok, the system of the game was very well scripted, style was excellent, and the variety had me go through the entire game three times! It was a lot of fun once I got used to the controls and style. The medals were hard to get, challenging enough to play, which is great in a game like this! The variety and randomness threw in many laughs for me, my favorite parts being the face JB makes when you use his power, the suspense built up for the 'no fart apps' joke, and most definitely the 'Mad Libyans' scene.

Cons: The controls were a bit too loose, making the physics and object collision a bit jumbled, like when in the Toy Story game, jumping on heads was rediculously hard. Kept slipping off the keys while trying the Youtube level, and some of the screen movement seemed to fast and stiff. While playing the Double Rainbow scene, the physics felt as though it switches too fast, and your character just flops to his death. Spikes in the game are quite annoying, especially when you hit the side of them. These things in my opinion can obviously be tweaked to perfection, which than I could give this game 10 stars.

Overall: I had a great time with this game, it was built up of enough trends and memes to keep me going. The physics and collisions need a bit tweaking, but not that much which is great for thos type of gameplay. The controls were good, but felt too loose. In all, it was fun and felt more than your average meme game. You did outstanding, but missed some crucial points into the games developement. As for the people below me, if your gonna rate it 2 or 0, at least have a good reason why. "this game had a troll face in it" is not a review.


This is not bad for a TD game, it just needs a little texture... Im giving this an 8/10 because I see its your 2nd flash, and the mechanics are really good.


Not bad, but the controls feel a bit flipped... Everytime I try to hit 'A' my fingers hit 'F'... Can you PLEASE Add a reverse option? However it isnt bad.

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i'd love to hear a finished version of this :)

crispy :y

StillCrisp responds:


Hell yeah, congrats on your first EP! Very solid, but I'd challenge you to try to find a way to swap the brass stab with something else ;)

Lot7even responds:


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love this :)

Great effect!

It's making me dizzy though :3.. It's great either way :D

:3 face

Lolololololololol i want to scout you so bad.

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