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xKore - Hello (Prev) xKore - Hello (Prev)

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Amazing shit man, and.. I just noticed that the release date for this is the same date the trailer for GTAV is released, heh, these are the most awesome things to look forward to!

Anyways, another great track man, can't wait to hear the rest!

xKore - Boom (Prev) xKore - Boom (Prev)

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Loving all your stuff bro, it's just so fucking hard to believe you do these basslines in Massive. At all. I need Reason's Malstrom to get anything sounding even close to that.

The drums. My goodness, all my money. Keep making music friend, you're getting really close to chart popularity.

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Sonic Ice Cap Zone Power Metal Sonic Ice Cap Zone Power Metal

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DJ Omnimaga...

Amazing piece, almost as good as the 4 tracks you worked on using MTV Music Generator 2000!

Listen, you may not know this, but I used to be you're biggest fan a long time ago. You're videos of MTV, which I had the PC version eversince I was 6, gave me so much inspiration that I became what I am today. I was going to send you a message, but you only allow contacts... So I just wanted to thatnk you for that :)..

It's also funny on how this was uploaded 07/26, my birthday.

Anyways, thanks for the long term inspiration. I would like to message you, but you're probably busy with other things.

Thanks again.

Welcome To Life; I love You Welcome To Life; I love You

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Sounds exiting, and Congratulations!

TL - Ocean Pulses [trance] TL - Ocean Pulses [trance]

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FL Studio...

I realised how much of an awesome tool this could be for Trance, but I might stick with Ableton...

This is a really catchy peice you have here, the melody is original, the pads are smooth, the leads are loud and clear.. But the drums feel just a bit off, as if the Bass Drum is cancelling out the rest of the drum beat.. But this is a great composition overall, and I will be waiting for further peices :D


TeHLoY responds:

Yea, I think I'm over-emphasizing the kick drums in my songs...

And thanks for reviewing back my song! :)

Sounds of Destiny Sounds of Destiny

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Awesome Job!!

It's great, I see you really worked hard on this one, I can hear the automation and everything! But there's one last step to becoming the perfect average producer. Mastering Software. All you need is to get a simple mastering program (which can be slightly expensive..) like Isotope Ozone 4 (Use this one :3). Mess around with the vst, and see which sounds are the best :D In all, this song was a major leap for you!

Nexus312 responds:

i will try to get it, thanks ^^


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I will have fun with this one :3

It's not bad! Thanks for makin it for meh, I will be sure to include in the Pt2.

coleknows responds:

Sweet! I think this will turn out better than the last one i think.

Speaking of the collab, how many parts are you thinking of making? I'm geussing around 2-3.

-Comet- -Comet-

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Sounds alot like a song that I would make... Good progression, a little repetetive though... Sweet song bro!

Walking On Air_LF Walking On Air_LF

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Sweet beats bro! Welcome back to the top! Great progression here, good leads, sorry to hear about the computer though..

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Starlight - Toxic Starlight - Toxic

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Not bad at all.. Good beat and Progression! Cool style of Trance!

Windows98 responds:

Thanks :)
(I cant believe there are reviews that i have not responded to :O )