Finally got mah Tablet!!!!! :P

2011-05-06 16:43:12 by Omnivore

It's been weeks to finally have it! It's an ADESSO Cybertablet! Now I can make animations and stuph :P


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2011-05-06 16:47:44


also go to flash portal buddies in your account, then click pending and add me. <3

Omnivore responds:



2011-05-06 17:02:53

That's a decent tablet. I got the stereotypical Bamboo, but it's still damn accurate.

(Updated ) Omnivore responds:

Nice.. I was thinkin of getting the Intuos, but I decided to get this one :3


2011-05-07 03:17:22

I'm not too savvy on the tablet market, but that sounds awesome.
I'm a pencil and paper artist, traditional style is my device.
I'm not sure if I would have much use for one of these, but I'm glad you got it!

Omnivore responds:

Thanks Man! This thing almost replaced my entire mouse itself, and I like the traditional style too ^-^.. Believe it or not, the tablet actually makes you 'feel' like a better artist sometimes :D


2011-05-07 13:25:22

Hai. :3

So what species of fur are you then? I'm a wolf. owoo~

Omnivore responds:

I'm not too sure yet (still a no0b to the fandom) however, I might go for a Feral Cat, or a Fox... Soo, how bout' them Renamons :3?...


2011-05-09 18:19:54

TABLET?! I want one!!!!


2011-05-11 12:55:37

awesome =D