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FNG's Trance Collab UPDATES and.. Dub-step?

Posted by Omnivore - May 26th, 2011

NOTES AND UPDATES!!! Part 2 of my Collab will take longer than I thought, so no more submissions for a while... The dead-line will increase to a new date, (not sure yet), so until the next update, stay tuned. Anyways, I just discovered a new talent. I am fully capable of making beast Dub-step tracks (in my opinion :3), and have been curiously testing my programs and software. This dinky Lap-top of mine is capable of suprising things, when it comes to (excluding gaming) surfing the web, making music, or just painting on my tablet :D.

Part one of the collab is here. Here is the original info and song data..

"I'm organizing a large collaboration for one big mix. If you would like to join in and make a song (up to 1-3 minutes), I would be more than happy to include it in the mixdown :P.. Part one is already done. It doesn't matter what age, or how good you are, just send me one submission, or parts of one to me, by commenting below, or PM'ing me. Here is my submission. The only rules include;

Trance/Dance/Techno Only..
Between 1-3 minutes..
Must Be YOUR Best..
Around 140 BPM *Optional*

The dead-line of this project is *undefined*. The list of producers joining in will be listed below :3"


-Part 1-

- Nature's Endeavors
Soulero - Trance Loop2
codbarley - Walking on Air
coleknows - Superior
DjMadMike - Soulfly of The Monk

-Part 2- *incomplete*

Kitten2910 - Just Hold On
2dpolygon - Dance of Memories
coleknows - For FNG
Omega-Ravager - Building Down
Darkfire96 - /-Hard Trance REV-\
XsToRmEr1 - Existence
DJ Babokon - Our Sunset
darthduba - Breakdown
SUB4RU - Vacancy (Full)

FNG's Trance Collab UPDATES and.. Dub-step?

Comments (11)

Give me music making program suggestions besides Fruity tits pls?

Cubase 4, 5, 6
Ableton Live/Suite 8.2.2
Magix (sucks loads of ass)

I use Ableton.

No prob :P

It looks like this collab will be a big one too. I hope it won't be finished on june 9 though cuz that is when i gotta return my laptop to my school D:

Don't worry I'll *try to make it before than :3

Hey that should be a fad too. Derpy pokemon....lol

"They're a pair of butt-wings!" ~ Victini.

lol whats up with the picture?

I love that pic, judging by the fact that Victini actually has Butt-wings :3

lol victini has gone crazy

Haha yeah.

How the f did they come up with a pokemon with butt-wings anyway?....you on drugs? O_O.

Also, i decided to submit a loop for that dnb collab from SonicJ. Can you make sure he sees that? He hasn't responded yet.

He will soon, and yeah, I'll make sure. And about the butt-wings.... Lol.

your making a collab cool!

Yup ^-^

Well i would at least take your time. I don't want it to sound like crap XD

And yes, i don't mind if it is after june 9th cuz i will have a puter during that time but it will be crap laggy XD

What kind? Sounds a bit old..

Can't tell ):

But all i know it is old and crappy. But at least it works for my favorite rts, Total annhilation.

Speaking of songs, do you think we are going to have a 3 parter by the amount of artists?

Maybe, I'm not sure...

People's choice award, is kewl.

Alrighty then :3

I can't wait for our EPIC battle to start >:)

Soon.. There will be an epic battle >:D